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Op-Ed: Fashion is fickle, and Style is a feeling...

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A central tenet to everything we do at The Class Room is the promotion of true personal style.  But what is Style?  And what makes it good?

To be honest, there's probably not a definitive answer to this question, mainly because fashion is fickle and style is a feeling.  "Clothes" and "fashion" may be what you wear, but how you wear it is your Style, and the people with the best Style wear things because it feels right.  

If it's not already obvious, I think about the idea of Style a lot, and as such I have a philosophy of sorts that says true Style is a product of taste and self-understanding.  

To develop good taste, you have to understand the design of any product within historical and cultural contexts.  Understanding contextual significance, and not just knowing the brand name, is what separates the heads from the hypebeasts.  

However, just because you can recognize something is fly doesn't mean you should rock it, and this is where self-understanding comes in.  Aesthetically, I really appreciate the full Yeezy line, but I also understand I'm not on that wave.  That's why you don't see me in Yeezy - I just recognize it's not for me even though I can recognize it as good design.

Jumping back to the idea of the subjectiveness of Style, peep this pic of A$AP Rocky:

Brand names aside, is this good style or bad style?  Man, I could honestly make an argument for both.  

Part of what makes it good style is who it is, and how the clothes he is wearing is true to himself.  There might be only one other rapper in the world who can take high-fashion and flip it the way Rocky does.   This dude is rocking a luxe mink jacket and track pants with a t-shirt tucked in.  But he just looks flyyyy.  And it's a feeling only Rocky can capture.  You put me in this exact fit and it would not be that tight.

BUT...let's not get too caught up in the hype.  This dude is rocking a mink jacket and track pants with a t-shirt tucked in (yes I know I said that already).  And his shoes, looking like dad-core TJ Maxx Fila sneakers.  Hypebeasts will say "But it's Gosha..."  Fam, the gawd is dressed like an Eastern European club promoter in the late '90s and early '00s.  High key I bet you Chris Kirkpatrick used to dress like this at the height of Nsync's popularity.

The point is, we have to understand why we like certain things to really determine whether or not something is good style.  And again, Style is subjective.  But as long as you know why you like something, than who's to say your opinion is wrong?

Oh, and for the record, Rocky's fit is damn good style, and there's nothing you can say to prove me wrong =)

Words by Cabby

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  • Deshawn Jackson: February 21, 2017

    Great read fam. The “Who you wear vs How you wear” convo is a must in this fashion climate.

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