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The Class Room

The Class Room

The Class Room is a specialty men's boutique located in Houston's Rice Village established in 2011 by five friends.  Our interest in men's clothing and style began with an interest in sneaker- and streetwear culture beginning in the late 90s and early 2000s.  As we've gotten older, our preferences in aesthetics have shifted, but much of what we do is still influenced by the street culture we grew up with.  Carrying a range of brands from Common Projects to Our Legacy, we like to refer to our aesthetic as "elevated streetwear".

Few would consider our hometown of Houston, TX a style mecca, so a central goal of ours is has always been to educate men on clothing and help them dress well (hence The "Class Room").  But our mission goes further than that, and through our retail operation and social media, we aim to connect with like-minded men to exchange ideas, experiences, and knowledge on a wide range of subjects such as music, art, food, cocktails, sports, travel, and other things that make life interesting. 

Our Values:
"Life" - Live a fulfilling and meaningful life that influences others in a positive way.
"Style" - Have a unique perspective that truly reflects who you are as an individual.
"Class" - Be a gentleman: respectful, honest, courteous, fair, and moral.

#LifeStyleClass - Welcome to The Class Room.


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